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Mahar Regiment Public School Sagar is also known as MRPS.It is a Co-ed school managed by Bal Vidyalaya The Mahar Regiment Centre.The Mahar Regiment Centre Pre-Primary School was established in the 1954 as there was no schooling facility in the close vicinity for the children of its service personnel.Since then the school has progressed in all spheres.It was upgraded to class 2nd in 1978 and to class 5th in 1982.It has an excellent track record of imparting quality education to the students and prepares them to assimilate higher education with ease.This is ensured with the help of efficient and dedicated faculty.However,with a view to meet the growing aspirations of the troops for quality education of their children.The regiment has embarked upon an ambitious project to provide the best-in-the-class education to children of the regiment as well as locals of adjoining areas.Mahar Regiment Public School provides an environment in which every student discovers and realises his/her optimum potential.We teach them ‘how to think’ - ‘not what to think’ We believe in creativity,innovation and development to the fullest.Your little ones are our treasures and we find ourselves fortunate to serve them.We give them strong roots and stronger wings to fly the world over carrying the message ‘Knowledge is Power’.We believe that education is an interactive partnership involving faculty, students,parents and society.Through our mutual efforts,our students shall develop the skills and attitude to successfully meet the challenges of the rapidly changing world.Let us make this venture successful.

According to the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi :- “By education,I mean an all-round drawing of the best in child and man in body,mind and spirit.”   

We invite you to explore MRPS as we dedicate ourselves every day to our magnificent school,to provide excellent education and inculcate values to our children for the purpose that they will cherish for lifelong and to make them good human beings.


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